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Prestige Absinthe

41053 PR Absinthe

41153 PR Absinthe Pro Classic Green

41708 PR Absinthe Blue Mint 

41702 PR Absinthe Gold 

41705 PR Absinthe Green Eucalyptus

41706 PR Absinthe Pink Ladies

 41704 PR Absinthe Red Dragon


Real Absinthe essences, the same we supply the Absinthe industry with. Outstanding quality, fully natural, containing thujone and all Absinthe’s louche. Mix with minimum 45% by volume alcohol (90 proof). Keep the Absinthe in room temperature, do not refrigerate.

Much of the Absinthe sold at huge prices are fake contains no thujone so it can pass the custom into USA. If Absinthe does not smell Wormwood then it is fake. Our essences are the real thing