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Our History:

Here is why we have an extensive knowledge of and expertise in the Home Brew Industry

How we started...

Our journey into the home brew industry started in 1992 when we opened our first home brew store in Rockhampton.

This store catered for beer and wine brewers, offered a wide range of Australian, and imported products.

Due to the success of our first store, two years later we expanded and opened a second store plus we launched our wholesale business, JP Kearney Wholesale and supplied products to stockists in the Central Queensland area.

With our wholesale business up and running, customers who had been distilling, started asking if we could supply flavours and accessories that were not available from any home brew outlet in Australia.

We are proud to say that these enquiries started a series of events, which lead to us launching the home spirit industry in Australia.

And JP Kearney Wholesale, as we known at the time, imported the first legal stills into Australia and followed up with a large range of flavours and accessories.

Where we are today...

From our humble beginnings wholesaling to the Central Queensland area in 1994, we now operate under the banner of Qbrew (Queensland Brewing Co.) and offer the largest range of flavours and accessories of any Australian owned company.

Our service and knowledge of the industry in Australia is regarded as         world class and we continue to improve the quality and range of products         available to our "Australian Customers".

That is why we have 198 stockists throughout         all states of Australia.


What we do for our stockists throughout Australia:

With our extensive knowledge of AND expertise in the industry we do a         lot more than just supply businesses with home brew products.

All of our stockists enjoy the benefits of:

  • Dealing with a wholesale business that is trusted and highly regarded           by home brew retailers Australia wide.
  • Our FREE backup support and advice.
  • Dealing with a wholesaler who can supply them with a comprehensive           range of quality...
              ...products at excellent value for money prices.
  • Our fast & efficient dispatch of their orders.
  • Controlling their stock with our unique email ordering system.
  • Absolute peace of mind with our packaging process.
  • Complete confidence with our product quality guarantee.

Our stockist are more than one of our customers, they are, in fact, an         important part of our business.